Payment Policy

Payment Options

太阳城体育 accepts 的 following:
Wells Fargo Health Advantage

Information about Wells Fargo Health Advantage :

  • This healthcare credit card allows you to begin treatment today, with credit approval, 并通过方便的月供选项逐步支付费用.
  • It is available for amounts up to $35,000.
  • The account can be used for repeated purchases.
  • Apply online for Wells Fargo Health Advantage before you arrive, or apply at 太阳城体育 with one valid form of US ID (state ID, 联邦ID, Passport or Driver’s License).

存款 & 计费

需要住院一天或一夜的治疗, 入学时需预付预估费用的50%定金.

太阳城体育对所有未付账户余额每月收取5美元的账单费. 超过90天的帐户可以移交给催收公司. 任何移交给催收公司的帐户将被指定为不活跃帐户.

Additional Policy Information

太阳城体育 charges $25 for returned checks. For clients with pet insurance, 太阳城体育很乐意为您提供向承运人提出索赔所需的文件. 如果您对您的帐户有任何疑问,请与帐务部联络 212-838-8305.